The decision where the registered office of the company will be situated is important for the future of your

business. Every trading company registered in the commercial register is obliged to have a registered

office. The service of providing  a registered office is intended for those clients who are not able to locate

their registered office at their own address.

⋅­ location of a registered office at a renowned Prague address

⋅ reduced costs of a registered office, in particular if rented in Prague, by tens of thousands of crowns per year

⋅ a professional company image with a corresponding company address

⋅ just a short-term business project when you do not need or want to have your own office

⋅ doing anonymous business in a large city

⋅ change of a competent revenue office

⋅ we provide not only a label on the mailbox, but also a real place where the revenue office may check

  your business - an office, a phone number which is only yours and an email box from which you can control

  your company. Everything for real functioning of your registered office in Prague. Thus the revenue office

  will have no reason to moce your company back out of Prague.

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